Philomena Wako how Judgement was influenced by Husband Amos Wako

Amos wako and Lady Justice Philomena Mwilu love story
Amos wako and Lady Justice Philomena Mwilu love story

It was love at first sight: Amos wako revealed how they meet with Deputy Chief Justice  Lady Justice Philomena Mwilu.

Lady Justice Philomena Mwilu, a front pew Catholic, beat 15 other candidates to emerge victorious in the search for Kenya’s next Deputy Chief Justice to replace Lady Justice Kalpana Rawal a few years back.

Raila Odiga’s during the elections petition, Senior Counsel Amos Wako meet the love of his life on the bar.

Wako was then considered married but single, and he needed a partner, while Mwilu had dumped a now very powerful man in Parliament for Wako. “They were perfect partners” offers their personal friend despite Wako’s first wife, Flora Wako, still being around.

“I drink with Wako regularly. He loves his whiskey, and he doesn’t mind drinking till late, but in more than a decade that I have been drinking with him, I have never seen him with another woman. He is fiercely loyal to Mwilu, and has never looked at another woman. I would know if he did anything funny.”