Stop ongoing rumors! Justice Smokin Wanjala Explains Why He Missed Supreme Court Verdict

Justice Smokin Wanjala
Justice Smokin Wanjala

Supreme Court Judge Smokin Wanjala has revealed why he was absent during the Supreme Court’s full verdict on the nullification of the August 8 elections.

On Sunday, Justice Wanjala explained that he had traveled with his daughter to the City University of London where she had been accepted to study Actuarial Science.

The Judge was quick to respond to the ongoing rumors surrounding his absence.

“Ours is a sick society where all sorts of idlers and busybodies create and feed rubbish to an ever gullible public. This is a trip that was planned long before the general elections,” he stated.

Judge Mohammed Ibrahim also missed the verdict from his fellow Judges due to illness.

Initial reports claimed he had traveled to London to attend a graduation ceremony.

According to Chief Justice David Maraga, Justice Wanjala had already signed the majority judgement prior to his departure.

Justice Wanjala was among the four judges who decided to nullify the presidential election that took place on August 8 along with CJ Maraga, Deputy CJ Philomena Mwilu, and Justice Lenaola.