Adelle responds to Nyakundi
Adelle responds to Nyakundi

Top radio presenter Adelle Onyango has sent out a strongly worded message to controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi over his distasteful rape comments.

Adelle took to Facebook where she spared no words against Nyakundi for instigating rape in a social media post after she spoke out against the rape culture in Kenya.

You should not be forgiven for the example that you are setting for the next generation of men. I’m angry that every girl I know has a creepy sex story. So Cyprian please allow your mind to expand its definition of what a woman is. Being a woman is not about our bodies or being over dramatic or being soft or having emotions and changing our minds. We are not here for your vilification.

It is because society tells us that women are objects, not subjects, that when society is presented with a case of male violence or sexual abuse, everyone looks at it from his point of view: “Oh, he must have been provoked to have done that,” “He was a nice man who just snapped,” “He must have been confused by her signals,” “Maybe he’s been falsely accused, how terrible to have to go to jail for that.” With every victim-blaming, rape / violence apologist comment, society reveals through whose eyes it looks, and the answer is invariably the man’s.
Rape is not about sex at all – it is all about objectification, power and control, and it is a crime of violence.

It is because society tells us that women are objects, not subjects, that even good men, when speaking out against violence against women, tell other men to imagine her as “somebody’s wife, somebody’s mother, somebody’s daughter, or somebody’s sister,” it never occurring to them that maybe, just maybe, a woman is also “somebody”. And even then isn’t it disappointing that this still doesn’t make a difference. That imagining, how your sister, your mother, cousin or daughter would feel it hinders nothing, you still objectify and hurt, and value us by our ability to satisfy your lustful needs.
So Cyprian no, I will not pardon your ignorance, I will not forgive that YOU just like for the man who raped me this post is not about sex but is all about objectification, power and control. I will not forgive you for what your post did to me mentally and emotionally, for the hurt it caused my family; my husband, my sisters and my close friends all in the name of “pardon me for my ignorance”. I will not let you dim my light or my message. You have turned a powerful anti-rape message into one about YOUR sexual preferences. This is not about who will have sex with you or who you want to have sex with Cyprian, this is about the fact that in 2008 the Crime Scene Investigation Nairobi reported that there were 40,500 rape cases in Kenya and estimated that the actual figure was 3 times higher than this and that in 2010 it was reported 32% of girls experience in Kenya sexual violence before becoming adults- that is 3 in 10 women in Kenya.

Some Other comments from Nyakundis Post:


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