22 year old Janet Mbugua
22 year old Janet Mbugua

Janet Mbugua former Citizen TV anchor and actress has left her fans mesmerized after she posted a throw back photo of her in a very short dress.

The media personality is said to be among the few celebrities who do not shy away from enjoying life to the fullest regardless of what people say about her.

The mother of one has always been the talk of town in regard to her dressing especially during her pregnancy where she was highly criticized for showing her baby bump on national television.

Janet has however described herself saying that the photo was taken when she was still playful and naive.She also gave advice to her young self saying that she should begin self love very early as the journey ahead would shake and rattle her but ultimately leave her blessed,wiser and more lovable.

She went ahead to finish the caption by asking her fans what they would say to their younger self.

“This #ThrowbackThursday has me feeling introspective. I came across these images of me (more to follow later). I’m 22 years old in this particular photo. Playful, naive, contemplative still. If I could, I’d tell this young lady to begin self-love very early on, that she’s on a journey that will shake her and rattle her but ultimately leave her blessed, wiser, more loving, more lovable. That people will persecute her and celebrate her all at once and that’s ok, she’ll strike a balance within herself so that the noise all around her won’t shake her from her roots. That being a #LadyInBloom is a wonderful thing and she should never stop dancing! 🌺💖What would you say to your younger self?” she said.


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