TZ Bongo Star Elizabeth “Lulu” Michaels
TZ Bongo Star Elizabeth “Lulu” Michaels

Dar-es-salaam High Court has sentenced Elizabeth Michael alias Lulu to 2-years in jail for causing the death of Bongo movies star Steven Kanumba.

Delivering the judgement at Kisutu, Judge Sam Rumanyika avered that though Lulu was only 17 years old when the death occurred 5 years ago, he played a part his death which happened after a domestic fight.

According to the judge, the circumstantial evidence delivered to the court served as the sole basis for convicting the accused who chose to hide some information from the court. The defendant didn’t reveal that Kanumba fell while the medical reports also didn’t reveal the same, something which the defendant introduced much later.

Though Lulu didn’t physically challenge Kanumba to a fight during the domestic quarrel, he played a part in it hence the conviction.

Lulu was convicted for contravening section 195 of the penal code. Lulu’s legal team has promised to appeal the judgement.

Kanumba died in 2012 after a fight broke between him Lulu at his home in Dar-es-salaam. He was 28 and his funeral was attended by a crowd of more than 30,000 mourners from all walks of life.


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