Depression is Bad! Reactions after sudden death of 2FM presenter, JEREMY ODHIAMBO, Nick Ndenda’s Brother


The shocking death of popular radio presenter, Jeremy Odhiambo better known as Saliva Vic, has amplified discussion on depression and mental health among Kenyan youth.

The 2Fm presenter was found dead at his house in South B after battling depression.

From is twitter handle @SalivaVic, described himself as Fun lover surviving depression & anxiety who at times writes verse, prose, and broadcasts. Inventor of the epic tweet!

Jeremy is the elder brother of X-FM presenter, Nick Ndeda. Kenyans have taken to social media to talk about depression and how one can deal with this demon.

The new revelation refutes claims that the 2 FM presenter took his own life.
Popular radio presenter Jeremy Odhiambo also known as Saliva Vic passed on on Sunday night at a South B hospital.

Following his death and public battle with depression, people were quick to assume that he took his own life. However, his brother Nick Ndenda has come out to refute the claims and asked netizens to have a heart and let them mourn their loved one in peace.

“Jeremy DID NOT kill himself. Anyone who actually knew him would know that. He fell ill and unfortunately passed on. We are in mourning. Respect that.” Nick tweeted.