Criminal gang out to Rob and Harm in Nairobi; Here are the 5 hot spot areas


There is a criminal gang out to rob and cause harm to you in the city.

They want everything from you and leave you injured if not dead. It doesn’t matter whether it’s daytime or night.

Susan Warui is the latest casualty. Grabbing earrings off her body left her bloodied.

Nairobi County chief security officer compliance and disaster management Tito Kilonzo has formed Anti Mugging Squad to nab suspects who have been terrorizing members of public within the Central Business District.
The team has so far arrested five suspects and they will be arraigned in court tomorrow.
Kilonzi has pledged to get rid of the muggers and assured city residents of their safety.

Other muggers hot spot areas lower CBD:

OTC Racecourse road (dangerous)
Uyoma road near St. Peter’s Clever Church
Junction of Ronald Ngala/ Racecourse towards Riverside they hide in garage
Ring road/ New Pumwani road junction near the roundabout
Globe roundabout from 4.00am to 6.00am and late evening hours from 7.00pm to 11.00pm