Fred Matiangi CS Education
Fred Matiangi CS Education

Nyakundi says that the ‘vocal minister’ had 10 CID officers raid a ‘residential area where his family resides in a convoy of three cars.’

One of the cars, Nyakundi says is: REG No. KBZ 921C.

The defamatory article was initially published by the Standard under the title ‘Vocal Minister in illicit affair with choir girl.’ The description, the blogger said fit that of the CS.

He then coined his own title that read: “Matiang’i Buys for his side-b@t@h a house.”

Apparently, Matiang’i has been in a steamy affair with a church girl who he has bought a house in the city.

The girl, Kenya Live reports is a member of the Parklands Seventh Day Adventist where the CS is a church elder.

Word has it that the affair has been in play for the longest time but only came to light after the minister’s wife got wind of it. The wife, who the CS has successfully kept from the limelight confronted the girl’s mother.

The choir girl did not deny having a spicy relationship with the CS who also doubles up as the acting CS for Education.

Matiang’i has allegedly been ducking calls from church elders who after learning of the affair were beyond shocked.

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The CS has not been attending mass after his ‘side piece’ aired their dirty linen. It has been one excuse after another, it has been said.

But his affair is not a secret in the political circle with some wondering how he has managed to keep it under wraps.


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