SWALEH MDOE entertaining women in clubs photos
SWALEH MDOE entertaining women in clubs photos

Royal Media Services, Citizen TV anchor, Swaleh Mdoe, is currently hiking lifts from friends after a bank seized his Mercedes Benz over bank loans.

The celebrated anchor expressed his financial woes while speaking during a get together dinner for KTN alumni dubbed KTN62 (in reference to Channel 62 on which the station started its broadcast).

He said that his Mercedes Benz has been put up for auction by a bank after he failed to pay a loan.

Hata kutoka hapa nitaomba lift (even from here I will hike a lift ),” Mdoe said while addressing the party attendants who included his former
colleagues at KTN and begged them to help him sell his kidney so that he can settle financial bills.

Mdoe is a well known spendthrift who camps in clubs entertaining women.

He recently shocked social media after he put up his kidney for sale. According to sources close to the popular anchor, he has huge debts. He currently owes four banks loans.

When Swaleh Mdoe revealed that he had gone broke and was selling his kidney to settle financial bills, Citizen TV’s management was not happy.


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