AHA ! A tall dark and handsome 35 yr old Nigerian man Emmanuel came to Kenya in January 2015. He met Eleen a beautiful Kenyan black beauty . They “fell” in love madly. The world was going round and round.
The lovers visited each other. Emmanuel was a great lover and displayed public affection just the way Eleen wanted.
Emmanuel reminded Eleen that they even shared letter E. And occasionally called her E. Eleen also fondly referred to him as E with affection.
Eleen could sleep at his and him at hers without problem. He dropped her at work in her car and picked her home on time just like she wanted. They could go out together and Eleen was a happy woman.

Oga moved in moved with Eleen cx Eleen’s hse at South C of 2 bedrooms and fully furnished with a 63inch flat screen and Zuku internet unlike Oga’s one room flat in Donholm. It was also easy to commute from Westtie.

Life was sweet and s3x was great. Eleen later decided to take her 12yr dota Favour to a Boarding school for better privacy.
There was mutual trust btn the love birds. Oga was so faithful.he could not pick even a shilling without Eleen’s permission. He could wash and even cook . Sometimes with a lot of pepper. Egusi soup was plenty and Eleen loved his cooking. But Eleen discouraged him from washing clothes and gave reasons that she was not comfortable with that bit. Ok Emmanuel stopped washing but helped with home work for their daughter and her school work improved tremendously. She took position 2 for two consecutive terms. She used to 30+.
Emmanuel loved Favour and that was very important to Eleen. He could never allow himself alone in the hse . Even homework they did at the veranda. This was to build trust with her mother . And it worked.
Emmanuel could use the ATM and never withdrew more than instructed. He could never pick even change in the kitchen. Never! Eleen trusted him so much.
She even did secret enquiries at the bank and everything was perfect. Emmanuel was too honest.
Oga with his entrepreneurial mind encouraged Eleen to get involved in business. Eleen saw a lot of sense and now with Oga as honest as he was it looked like a reality. In fact a very good idea.
Emmanuel indicated that he had finally decided to stay in Kenya and do business. He called his ppl to close his business and liquidate the assets and wire the proceeds to him. He could discuss it loudly and Eleen could hear him talk to his ppl tge other side. Occasionally they talked to her and they expressed how they longed to meet their in law. She promised to visit after their business trip.
Since Oga was “waiting ” for his ppl to send him 60M Naira and it was taking a bit longer than he had foreseen, he encouraged Babbie / Eleen to take a loan as starting capital . Babbie managed to get 3 M from a commercial bank and sold her car 900k so almost 4M was not that bad. She hoped that the internal rate of return could be quick with the fast moving goods and repay the loan and plough back the rest to the business for growth. Aha!
The loan money was banked in Oga’s account to avoid transaction and transfer problems when they go to Dubai cx oga was known by bussiness honchos in Dubai.
The money was safe and Emmanuel safeguarded it . It was for business not fir playing around. He always advised Eleen. She was happy her Babbie was careful.

Aha ! Oga discouraged Eleen from partying a lot cx they had to save for businesses and until such a time that they were stable even meals could be home made. aha! Which woman can’t smile at that. !
The business trip was nearing by the day. 6OM had not been wired by the last week yet the lover had procured tkts to Dubai. And confirmed the flight dates. Oga was so “disappointed ” by the delay but promised her that by the time they reached Dubai the money could be in his bank.
Aha! They day of travel to Dubai to buy electronics was here. Voila!
Notwithstanding the “delay” from Nigeria they embarked on their confirmed journey.
Aha! Eleen had not checked the ticket details before but she saw Immanuel with them anyway. At Unit 2 international departures Emmanuel held Eleen tightly to affirm their love. Eleen could fly for the first time. It was exciting and she wanted to check in but Emmanuel seemed to be in a hurry. After all he was familiar with airport operations and this reassured her.
They were reminded that those flying to Dubai to check in quickly and within 30 minutes they could close.
At this point in time at the check in counter Emmanuel, produced his papers first with filled emigration details and got his boarding pass . He handed Eleen hers asking her to fill the exit emigration form at the counter behind. He also gave her her tkt and asked her to join the queue after she is done with the forms. Emmanuel exited using the escalator.
Eleen was done filling the unfamiliar forms and went on to check in. The airline staff looked at her tkt and consulted her senior. Time was flying ! The tkt was not getting processed indicating INVALID again and again.
Eleen was told that her tkt was Invalid. She asked for clarification and she was told plainly that her tkt looked fake but she could contact her agent. She was shocked! Unfortunately Emmanuel had checked in with their phones and she could not contact him. She asked the airline to call his number after explaining that they were together. Unfortunately the phone was off. The next minute the phone was no longer in use.
Eleen suspected foul play but not quite. She didn’t want to rush into conclusions. Time was running fast and the counter was closing. She remained the only uncleared customer at the airline. What next! She was advised to report to the airport police and record a statement if she found it necessary. She didn’t want to do so lest it was an inadvertent mistake which could put Emmanuel in trouble especially after overstaying in Kenya without valid visa which she had just obtained for him a month ago.
Eleen was confused . She remembered that they had just checked in a few minutes to closure. An inquiry at the airline desk confirmed that the flight EM 6056 had closed boarding and was on the runway! They consoled her that there was a flight the next morning and they could give her priority after she produces a good tkt.
Aha ! Eleen thought that it was a bad dream. Just a very bad dream. Her mouth was dry and breathing became difficult. The next time she woke up she was at KNH admitted for high blood pressure and and nervous break down which almost caused her a cardiac arrest. The doctor confirmed that it was a mild heart attack but she was paralysed due to the shock. She tried to figure out what happened ! Slowly she recalled but still not sure it could be true. She started screaming and the doctor sedated her for hrs.
Aha! She was in hospital for 4 weeks and taken for counseling sessions with no relative to help her. Her daughter had closed school but not collected by anybody .
She finally regained her conscious . Emmanuel had conned her. Had scammed her 4M! And issued her with a fake ticket ! She could not wake up to face her friends or family . And the world looked a big lie. She had deserted every human being once she met Imma.!
Finally she got out of hospital. Her daughter had remained with the school matron. She had nothing. No money, no rent but one thing . Her daughter Favour. She narrated this story and all her friends cried.
When you see a Nigerian man , please run away as fast as your stupid legs can carry u before your clever brain let’s you down.


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