Side chick shows up at lover’s wedding dressed in a gown
Side chick shows up at lover’s wedding dressed in a gown

Reading like a script out of Nollywood, drama broke out recently after a wedding was interrupted by a mpango wa kando demanding she be married too.

The side chick who is yet to be identified did the unimaginable by showing up at the ceremony in full wedding garb ready to say ‘I do.’

In the video that has since gone viral, the side chic walks to the altar where her ‘man’ and his wife-to-be are to be enjoined in holy matrimony before rudely interrupting the ceremony causing a commotion.

The groom tried to play cool, choosing to stand beside his chosen wife as the side chic threw tantrums to the shock of invited guests and family members.

The bride who was obviously shocked looked confused as she tried to figure out what was transpiring at the aisle.

The church security tried all means possible to remove the side chic from the church in futility.

Details of what ensued thereafter remain scanty.


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