EA-VCT Staggering Statistics Of New HIVAIDS Infections in Kenya
EA-VCT Staggering Statistics Of New HIVAIDS Infections in Kenya

A twitter user has conducted a research to show the number of new people infected with HIV/AIDS as a result of having multiple sexual partners.

According to the tweep, MuchiriH, an unnamed man recently infected with the virus said that he has in the past six months had unprotected sex with at least eight people, including his wife, bringing to a total of 8 positives.

The research sampled people from different counties to show the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the county. Nairobi was the most affected county having a total of about 28,152 new infections.

The numbers are from the people who have been tested, the numbers might rise if more people are tested, he noted.

Kenyans are living a very risque life engaging in unprotected sexual activities with multiple partners even after they are married. The age group between 15 to 24 years old people are more afraid of getting pregnant that acquiring HIV/AIDS.

In the detailed thread, Muchiri also notes that married men are also having sex with other men, even as they keep female ‘side-pieces.’

Here is the prevalence as sampled in different counties:

During the research it was established that women contract the virus more than their male counterparts, there is also an increase in the number of pregnant women being infected with the virus.


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