Pastor Kanyari New Church
Pastor Kanyari New Church

The famous miracle working “man of God” Pastor Victor Kanyari is back but this time he is selling his “miracles” at a discounted price of Sh250.

According to the Nairobian, the man of the cloth has rebranded, with a different name, looks different and even sounds different from the Pastor Kanyari who was exposed in 2015.

He now goes by the name Bishop Mwangi of the Salvation Healing Ministry and has a 30 minute show running on Radio Jambo between 4.45 am and 5.10 am.

It is here that he asks his listeners to part with a miserly “seed offering” of Sh250.

“God has sent me like Moses in the Bible who was given a stick. In my case, he has given me the power to pray for people through the phone. You don’ have to see, neither must we meet for you to receive your miracle. The Sh250 offering you will send is your password to riches and peaceful life”, Kanyari is quoted by the Nairobian.

Bishop Mwangi through the phone can now take care of “broken marriages, asthma, failing businesses, unemployment, desire for big cars and plots and liberating those who have been bewitched.”

There have been numerous complaints from listeners who heed his call, despite Radio Jambo’s disclaimer. One man only identified as Emmanuel called in asking for Kanyari’s contact details accusing him of conning him.

“This is Emmanuel and am requesting hiyo namba ya Pastor Mwangi coz he has requested for some amount of money akisema anarudisha baada ya maombi na ajanirudishia nikimpigia anaweka number busy (07415292**) (sic).”

Following the expose by KTN in 2014, Kanyari’s then wife, Gospel singer Betty Bayo left him. Ms Bayo says her estranged husband is a stingy man who lives a lavish life.

He apparently has a palatial home on Kangundo Road and is known to drive a Range Rover.

But many would argue that the apple really does not fall from the tree. His mother, Prophetess Lucy Nduta has served time in the past for defrauding her followers.

For example, in 2006 she was charged with six counts of fraud, found guilty in 2008 and jailed for 2 years. This was after she charged HIV positive followers Sh1000 claiming that she could rid them if the virus.


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