Jubilee Party Vice chairman, David Murathe
Jubilee Party Vice chairman, David Murathe

Jubilee Party Vice chairman, David Murathe, said on Wednesday that the Kikuyu community does not have any MoU with anyone
regarding the 2022 elections.

Murathe, who was speaking  during the 39th Maragoli Cultural Celebrations held at Municipal Grounds, Mbale, said President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, had already led the Government for two terms and should both retire after serving as President and Deputy President respectively.

“If he (William Ruto) has an MoU with Uhuru Kenyatta, then that was an agreement between two individuals,” Murathe said.

“If you (Ruto) have led with Uhuru for two terms, what else do you want. We don’t know someone who will guard us but we know someone who will break us. We will take someone who will safeguard Mt Kenya,” Murathe added.

Following his remarks, President Uhuru Kenyatta summoned Murathe to State House, Mombasa, on Wednesday night to explain to him why he wants to destroy Jubilee Party.

“Yes he was summoned on Wednesday night,” said a senior State House aide who requested anonymity.


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