DP RUTO was paid billions of shillings by UHURU and MAMA NGINA to support him in 2013, we don’t owe him anything – Jubilee MP says


A controversial Jubilee Party legislator has revealed that Deputy President William Ruto was paid billions of shillings by President Uhuru Kenyatta in order to support his presidential bid in 2013.

In a post on social media on Tuesday, Nyeri Town MP, Ngunjiri Wambugu, also clarified that Mt Kenya region has no debt to pay anybody since Uhuru paid Ruto to support him in 2013.

WHAT DEBT? ‘What debt? Money was paid; positions were given; influence was shared; commitments for protection were made. If we need to explain to others and further, let them continue behaving like they/we forgot’- overheard in some corridors,” Ngunjiri said.

Ngunjiri made the remarks after a section of Kalenjin community leaders said Mt Kenya region owes Ruto since he supported Uhuru for 10 years.

But the fiery lawmaker said Mt Kenya region has no debt to pay anybody and said they will support a candidate of their choice in 2022.

Ruto, who is a charismatic leader, has remained mum over the issue that has divided the Jubilee Party into two.

Sources said the DP is still confident that he will succeed “The Son of Jomo” despite noises from the likes of Ngunjiris and Murathes.