New details have emerged over the whereabouts of the girlfriend to one of the terrorists who attacked Dusit D2 hotel in Riverside, Nairobi.

According to reports, police believe that Violet Kemunto, the bride to Ali Salim Gichunge, alias Farouk, escaped to Somalia after the attack.

According to the couple’s plan, Kemunto would first go to Somalia and her husband would soon follow after the attack was completed but that was not to be since he was shot dead by Recce commandos following the attack on Dusit hotel.

Earlier reports had indicated that Kemunto, who is a trained journalist, had been arrested on Tuesday night hours after the attack at the hotel.

Police Spokesman, Charles Owino, declined to comment on the confusion, telling Kenyans to be patient as police pursue those behind the attack.

“Just be patient, once we have put up everything together and we feel it is necessary to communicate, we will be able to communicate. Our objective is work, to arrest those Jangilis (terrorists), all of them,” said Owino.

“Actually, I am supposed to communicate with you so that we inform Kenyans of what we are doing but the jurisprudence of what we are doing is so preliminary so I would be unfair to the DCI,” he added.


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