MITHINKA LINTURI cannot perform in bed
MITHINKA LINTURI cannot perform in bed

Meru Senator Mithinka Linturi’s estranged wife ,Marianne Kitany, on Tuesday shocked a Nairobi court when she said her husband is a useless pig in bed.

Through her lawyer, Dunstan Omari, Kitany told the court that she is divorcing her husband because he is  poor in bed and he doesn’t satisfy her sexually.

According to a family friend who is the neigbour of the two in Runda, Linturi is addicted to alcohol and Miraa and that is the reason he is a poor man in bed.

The neigbour who requested a condition of anonymity revealed how Kitany told her how she is always lonely since her husband is always  sick and cannot even “rise to the occasion” during the erotic moments.

“She told me that her husband always complain of sickness and they have not been making love for almost two years. She has been suffering in silent and we hope the court will solve this so that she can continue with her life,” the neigbour said.

Kitany and Linturi both came to the union with three kids each from previous relationship.

They formalized their marriage in 2014.


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