PAULINE WANGARI, a 24-year-old warder at Muranga GK Prison found dead
PAULINE WANGARI, a 24-year-old warder at Muranga GK Prison found dead

A 24-year-old prison warder in Murang’a, Pauline Wangari Ngoi, described by her friends as a “beauty queen who loved partying”, has been found murdered with several stab wounds in her stomach, chest and head.

Murang’a County Police Commander Josphat Kinyua Wednesday said the Pauline Wangari Ngoi could have been killed on Monday night, adding that her failure to report on duty prompted the management of Murang’a GK Prison to start looking for her.

That was when they found the body, which had started decomposing, in her rental house in Kiharu estate on Wednesday morning.


The police boss said investigations have began although preliminary findings revealed that it could be a love affair gone awry.

“We have started investigations to establish the cause of the death of the prison warder Pauline Wangari Ngoi although by the look of things, it appears that it could be love gone sour,” he said.

Mr Kinyua said there has been an increase in murder incidents in the country especially among the youth and advised them to seek alternative dispute resolution mechanisms instead of killing each other.


A female officer who was a friend of Ms Ngoi told the Nation that the 24-year-old was a “party queen” who loved carousing and had many male friends.

The warder was described by her colleagues as a beauty queen who loved going out whenever she was not on duty.

“She was very beautiful, likable and very social; she liked partying and had lots of male friends whom she went out with in local clubs. She had served as a warder for three years and had celebrated her 24th birthday on April 20,” a friend who sought anonymity told the Nation.


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