Citizen TV’S KAMBUA is pregnant and cannot hide her joy after trying for six years (PHOTO)

KAMBUA is pregnant
KAMBUA is pregnant

Talented gospel singer and TV host, Kambua, is expecting her first baby and she cannot hide her joy.

The mellow -voiced singer took to social media to break the good news with a photo p where she’s cradling her unborn baby.

Kambua has come under intense scrutiny in the past from netizens who kept wondering why she’s not in a hurry to have kids despite being married for close to seven years.

Some even went to further ask her when she was getting pregnant as she was now ‘getting old’.

At some point, she was forced to address the insensitive probing saying:

 “I don’t have the luxury of living a ‘private’ life and have often been the subject of ridicule and mockery for being ‘childless’.

“Motherhood is a calling. A great one. But it’s not the only one. Stop all these kosokoso of making people feel ‘less than’ because they are not moms, by choice or circumstance.

Well, finally, she has been blessed the fruit of the womb and soon she will be a mother.