Maribe Jacque and Jowie in court
Maribe Jacque and Jowie in court

State House blogger, Dennis Itumbi, has narrated his encounter with the late Monica Kimani’s father, Paul Ngarama.

The late Monica Kimani was murdered in cold blood at her apartment in Kilimani area Nairobi and the killers are yet to be convicted.

Citizen TV presenter, Jacque Maribe, and her ex-fiancé, Joseph Irungu, are key suspects in the gruesome murder.

Maribe and Itumbi used to be lovers and the vocal blogger has stood by the TV girl all along.

Itumbi has revealed that he once met the late Monica’s father on a flight and they had a long conversation on his daughter’s murder.

In his post on social media, Itumbi he revealed how Monica’s father lauded him for standing with Maribe as she was remanded in prison for a month.

Itumbi went on to state that the bereaved father has no bad blood towards the Maribes and would like to meet them when the case is closed.

 “’If you see Maribe’s Mum and Dad, tell them that one day when it is all over we can pray together as parents, maybe we are the people God wants to use to reach to our young people,’” Itumbi quoted late Monica’s father.

He added: “Before we alighted we promised to meet when we return to Nairobi. On return, I have not met him because I do not want to be accused of interfering with witnesses,”

The case is still ongoing with the TV girl out on bond while her ex-lover and co-accused Jowie Irungu’s still languishing in Kamiti Prison as his bail application drags on.


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