Mama Ida
Mama Ida

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s wife, Ida Odinga, is reported to be engulfed in heated wars with his daughter in-law over a multimillion estate.

Reports indicate that Ida is fighting with her daughter in law Lwam Getachew Beke, Fidel Odinga’s widow, over the administration of his estate that comprises of Karen home, three parcels of land, two Range Rovers, a Nissan Sunny and a Mercedes Benz, and seven bank accounts.

Ida has teamed up with her daughter Winnie Odinga in the court battle against Lwam, who had applied for a grant of representation to allow her to run the estate, after the death of her husband on January 4, 2015, after he died without a will.

However, Ida moved to court to challenge the grant arguing that unjustifiably locked out other interested parties to Fidel’s estate.

That the said petitioners have willfully and knowingly failed to accurately and adequately declare all the assets and liabilities of the deceased.

Ida, however, clarified that her aim was to ensure that proper account and distribution of Fidel’s estate as well as to protect, safeguard and guarantee the wellbeing of her son’s offspring.

She defended her move to block Lwam, arguing that she cut communication with the Odinga’s after she fled her matrimonial home in Tipuana Park in Karen, Nairobi immediately after the deceased was buried.

According to Ida, her deceased’s son had sired twins with another woman, and they (children) had not been listed as the dependants.

Fidel’s widow, who only had one child with her late husband, however, rubbished Ida’s claims terming them as false.

According to her, she fled her Karen home because her mother-in-law continuously made false and unkind remarks about her family, friends and herself.

She further argued that the said twins were born six months after Fidel’s death and their birth certificates had no indication of the father of the said minors.

Lwam however, stated that she was willing to list them as the deceased’s dependants on assertion that they had indeed been sired by Fidel.


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