Dr Ofweneke’s ex-wife, Nicah The Queen, who claims to be a gospel artist, has been painted as a cheap prostitute who spreads her legs to every Tom, Dick and Harry, after her nudes surfaced online.

In the nude selfie photo that has taken social media by storm, Nicah is seen lying in bed naked with a fellow gospel artist identified as Weezdom.

They look exhausted after bonking each other mercilessly.

Weedzom, an upcoming gospel artist, was recently busted by a local video vixen after he lured her to sex and infected her with an STD.

Although Nicah The Queen masquerades as a gospel artist, we are informed that she is a hardcore prostitute.

She is currently dating a Nigerian man alleged to be a notorious fraudster and we wonder how he will react after seeing this nude selfie of her in bed with another man.


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