Simon Kabu
Simon Kabu

Social media is awash with reports that city businesswoman Sarah Kabu has parted ways with her husband Simon.

Sarah took to her WhatsApp stories to lament about her failed marriage with Kabu.

She accused him of being toxic and alleged that she has been tolerating him to protect their business.

She further said that Kabu forcibly took away their children and moved in with his new woman.

It’s now emerging that a young business lady identified as Esther Njoroge is behind Sarah Kabu’s marital woes.

Esther is the CEO of Bountiful Safaris, one of the most popular tour companies in the country.

Interestingly, Esther is a former employee at Bonfire Adventures, which is owned by Sarah and her husband.

Esther started having an affair with Kabu when she was working at Bonfire Adventures.

It’s alleged that he secretly financed her to start a rival tour company that she currently runs.

Below are photos of Esther.


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