Legendary Mc Casmir Raising hands
Legendary Mc Casmir Raising hands

“Yes, this is where we did it from, but please forgive me,” He said.

A popular Ugandan TV presenter is trending after he was busted having sex with a married woman.

The disgraced TV presenter, identified, Mc Casmir, works for NBS TV, one of the top TV stations in Uganda.

The man of the house returned home unexpectedly and caught the youthful TV presenter in the act with his wife.

To prevent himself from taking the law into his hands, he locked the house and called police officers, who arrived in time and handcuffed the disgraced TV presenter.

Upon interrogation by the police, the randy woman claimed that she was forced to cheat because her husband was not satisfying her in bed.

In the viral videos, the popular TV presenter is seen begging for forgiveness from the man like a toddler.

He further regrets his actions.

“Punish me but even if you punish me, just know I regret what I did,” MC Casmir is heard saying.

He was arrested and taken to the police station and later released.

Here are viral videos showing the moment the TV presenter was busted with the married woman.


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