REALLY? What pregnant Janet Mbugua told a viewer will shock you!
REALLY? What pregnant Janet Mbugua told a viewer will shock you!

Citizen TV’s elegant and gorgeous news anchor, Janet Mbugua Ndichu has recently taught a social media user some manner, how to respect pregnant women.

Of late, she has been receiving mixed reactions from a section of her fans for flaunting her baby bump. Yesterday there was ndrama in the social media after a social media user went decided to lash Janet Mbugua and the later wasn’t reluctant to respond.

Ever heard of giving someone a dose of their own medicine? Janet Mbugua knows how to do it perfectly.

Take a look at what transpired:

dyshical This is becoming too much even if we cheered at first.kindly Tell your sponsors to take a break and leave that belly for Ndichu not the whole world

officialjanetmbugua I can’t be jealous of someone who throws in the word ‘sponsor’ from nowhere. I’m also not saying you’re jealous, you just seem confused. I’d appreciate if you’d unfollow me, not a fan of haters on my timeline. Thanks!

adyshcal it is good to celebrate but too much of something is poisonous. I wonder why we always fear telling the truth to this celebs at times.@officialjanetmbugua has been most disciplined gal but I don’t blame her i blame her sponsors for where she is headed

ldyshcal Ha ha @annie.ed am not telling her to change but hope she gets my weird observation. She is a lovely gal .we adored her even before.she doesn’t have to start emulating the Kardashian

officialjanetmbugua @ladyshical I don’t care for your opinion, you don’t have to follow me if you don’t like what you see! This is for men and women who celebrate transitions!

officialjanetmbugua I’m very happy! Whatever God has in store for me, I’ll take it. I think people like @ladshical are very unhappy in their own lives! And yes, very rude!


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