Raila Odinga Parties All Night with Sexy Babes in Uganda
Raila Odinga Parties All Night with Sexy Babes in Uganda

Kenyan presidential flop Raila Odinga is yet to recover from indescribable hospitality that Ugandan babes offered him.

It is unbelievable that Odinga flew from Nairobi and landed at Kololo Airstrip where he was welcomed by Capt. Mike Mukula and socialite Jack Pemba.

This time not to discuss boring politics, but to wiggle his ageing waist and feel Kampala gals during the Afrigo Band Royal Ball at Kampala Serena Hotel.

Since he was in company of his good friend Mukula who is well acquainted with social life in the city, the 71year old former Kenyan Prime Minister was rest assured of all the pampers from gorgeous belles.

And indeed he got more than he needed. Odinga first attended the Miss Tourism gala and left at about 11pm for Afrigo band which was a stone-throw away.After sipping several glasses of wine, Odinga loosened up and started feeling the music in his veins as his adrenaline started demanding for some ‘squeaky bum-time.’

He hit the dance floor and wooed babes the Kenyan way.

In few minutes, he was sandwiched by a couple of s3xy babes in all colours.

Among those who really ‘stole’ his heart is tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero’s wife. Odinga couldn’t keep his eyes off this bummy babe.

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