Chris Kirubi’s Ksh25 billion Two Rivers Mall Nairobi Mind boggling Structures See Photos

    Two Rivers Mall Nairobi
    Two Rivers Mall Nairobi

    Chris Kirubi calls it the largest man made project in this side of the region. He maybe a master of hyperbole especially on things close to him but that statement aptly captures the majesty and grandeur of the Two Rivers real estate project.
    Two Rivers Mall Nairobi Location and surrounding areas

    The Two Rivers project is arguably the most ambitious construction project embarked on by a private investment firm.

    The project when fully completed will see luxury apartments, workers residences, a 5 star hotel and a 3 star hotel and an office block added to the mall.

    Even with just the first phase done, the scale of the structures, luxury and numbers involved is mind boggling.

    The whole project sits on a 102 acre land bought by Centum from the Koinange family at the cost of 1 billion.


    Two Rivers Mall Nairobi
    Two Rivers Mall Nairobi