NYS Cash Recovered, See How this Upcoming Politician is posing with Sacks of Money


A man has been photographed with a sack full of Sh1,000 bob notes.. It is not clear where the location of the man photographed with this tidy sum of money is. Neither is it clear if this loot, stashed in a sack, is even legal.

What makes it all look dubious, is the simple fact that this man is storing such a huge sum of money in what looks like a sugar cane plantation. And going there to replenish his stock once the ‘spending money’ runs out.

The photos may have been taken without his consent. This smells of dirt money from here to high heaven.

According to unverified Facebook reports, the man in the photograph is a politician, who has grand ambitions to run for Governor in 2017.

These monies were to be distributed to his youthful hired supporters at an upcoming rally.