After a long break from social media, Ben Kitili has resurfaced online but not in one of the most forbidding ways. He has been accused of being a con and a thief by an unknown woman on Kilimani Mums and Dads uncensored.

According to the woman who calls herself Merry Merry on Facebook, the TV presenter conned her best friend, who is struggling to make ends meets roughly 25 K and this was 3 years ago.

You really don’t expect me to continue when you’re like that? Take a seat and let me narrate this to you verbatim. Now according to Merry Merry, her best friend Rebecca is a land scape expert whose work is to come to your house and decorate your compound. How she works is that she caters for everything out of her own pocket then she invoices you later something she has done for notable people in society like Maria of Mother in Law.

On this particular day, her client was none other but TV personality Ben Kitili who was supposedly living at Delta Estate Mlolongo. She went and carried out her duties and when it came to demand for payment, Ben was apparently not available. He had travelled to Tanzania to cover elections and he would make the payments upon return.

He never did and he stopped answering all of her Rebecca’s phone calls before asking security in the estate to bar her from entry. At that time she became helpless so she just gave up. Now Merry Merry has decided to come to her rescue and she chose Kilimani Mums and Dads as her best avenue to do so.

This is what she posted:

This is Ben kitili, a ktn news anchor am sure y’all know him. A kamba man from kitui married to one Amina and they gat one kid I assume the baby is the one in the picture. They live in some estate in mulolongo called delta estate, atleast three years ago that’s where they used to live b4 he conned my friend Rebecca some cash, or wud say he exploited and took Rebecca’s job for granted, just because he felt she is a nobody he choose not to pay her her dues.. Rebecca is a very good friend to our family, she does landscaping atleast that’s what she calls it, if you hire her she will cater for all the materials required from her own pocket and then you pay her once the work is done plus labour.

She has so many known clients in the society, the likes of akina maria of mother inlaw whom she said paid her so well after she did her job at her home somewea along thika road….if you ask me she is so good at what she does, she does a very good job! Since she works for this people with cash, she doesn’t bother to ask for advance payment b4 work from the clients since she trusts people of that kind can’t have issues with paying dues, at least by then, but since the Ben kitilis incident now she is required to ask for half her dues b4 she begins her job. Ben kitili hired rebecca 3 years ago, according to her at that time there was something going on in tanzania, some sort of elections. Ben left for the coverage of that event for some days, when she was done she called him and let him know that she was done that he should do the necessary in terms of her payments, Ben stated that he was a bit busy with the coverage that she Shud give him a few days till he comes back home. Rebecca understood. She waited. Ben was done with the event, he came back home, rebecca went to ask for her money, she found Amina, the wife, the wife claimed that it’s Ben to take care of her bills. Rebecca kept going for her money for days in vain. Now both Ben and the wife stopped picking her phone calls, she was blocked on wassup and her messeges went unreplied. All security men on tht apartments were told to tell her whenever she comes tht a nobody is in the house, rebecca did nothing she just had to give up.. i never knew about all this untill yetaday while watching Ktn news is when she pointed out that that man conned her.

I felt so bitter and asked myself what is 20k for someone like Ben not pay her off 3 years down the line now, yet he gets paid each and every month generously by std group. Rebecca gave me Ben kitilis number that night I called him and he claimed he was in the studios that he would call me back later, just after I had mentioned to him about Rebecca’s case. He never called, since jana we have been calling the same number is ain’t going through I think he has blocked my number just the way he did with Rebecca’s. When i called him yestaday my intention was to hear his side of story but he has dodged me.. because I cud just not believe how someone of his caliber cud just refuse to pay a poor landscaping lady after doing him such a beautiful job.. his mobile number atleast the one we know is 07226900**.

Anyone who knows Ben kitili personally tell him to contact rebecca and pay her her money that’s her hustle and that’s how she pays for her two kids school fees. I can’t call him names coz I don’t know his side of story but since he is nor picking uo any of our calls we assume he is the ine who has issues, all i know is that he shud pay roughly 20-25k. He has her number . Rebecca the gardener. From we have gathered none of his workers get paid in peace, be it house gals, electricians, plumbers.


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