10 Photos of DJ MO and new S3xy Partner ‘enjoying’ each others company that SIZE 8 will surely hate …. (See for yourself)


DJ Mo and his new partner at Crossover 101 – Grace Ekirapa have started ‘enjoying’ each other’s company…

Sometime back DJ Mo’s former co-host at NTV’s Crossover 101 Faith Muturi left the show as she was expectant and wanted a maternity leave.

DJ Mo, Size 8’s husband, was however joined by a new co-host – her name’s Grace Ekirapa.

Pictured above seated besides popular entertainer come gospel disc jockey – Dj Mo, is the hot s3xy woman who replaced Faith Muturi Ngugi.

She is also a gospel musician known for the hits: Kibali & Sifa

Grace Ekirapa and DJ Mo have more than five times been spotted getting comfortable around each other. And this has made people speculate whether the two have something secretly cooking.

Here are the photos that brought about the speculations