Mc Jesse and Shix Kapyenga dating
Mc Jesse's clandestine lover Shix Kapyenga

A few months back, rumor had it that actress Nancy Wanjiku popularly known as Shix Kapienga or Tasha also Hot 96 Radio presenter was MC Jessy’s clandestine lover. It was said that the two were sleeping together but the story quickly died following lack of evidence. We all know that MC Jessy is a married man with a kid but word has it that he has been cheating on his wife with the actress.

A few days ago was Tasha’s birthday and the surprise was that the two decided to celebrate it in Dubai.

A photo of the two together in Dubai says it all. From the look of the photo the two seem to be having a great time as Shix Kapyenga celebrates her birthday.

The two have also been spotted getting too cozy with each other in local spots.

Mc Jesse and Shix Kapyenga dating in Dubai Photos
Mc Jesse and Shix Kapyenga dating in Dubai Photos


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