Former President Daniel Arap Moi
Former President Daniel Arap Moi

Kenya’s second President Daniel Arap Moi is reportedly suffering from dementia that he is currently unable to recognise many of those he is interacting with.

According to sources within the close knit family, President Moi’s brain condition worsened after the medical operation he underwent in January this year.

President Moi is said to consistently lose focus and not recognise those he is interacting with or what they are discussing.

The 92 years old former President is known to be a stickler to a strict health regime while also closely watching what he is served.

Moi served as President from 1978 to 2002 after which he retired having exhausted the two term constitutional limit after the change of the constitution to effect the limit.

We wish the former President good health and hope that he recovers from the illness.


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