Babu Owino and Esther M Passaris
Babu Owino and Esther M Passaris

Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino, recently caused drama outside the gate of s3xy Nairobi Women Rep, Esther Passaris, when he camped there for almost 4 hours. A few days ago, suggestive photos of Esther Passaris and Babu Owino emerged online and elicited a heated debate.

Babu Owino cleared the air about the photos and said that he was just discussing important national matters with Passaris.

Babu Owino recently camped outside Esther Passaris’ home to the amusement of neighbors. We are informed that he recently camped outside Esther’s gate from around 10PM to 1 AM after his calls went unanswered.

It’s not clear what he wanted from Esther Passaris, who ignored his calls and instructed the guards not to open the gate. Babu kept on knocking at the gate but the gate was not being opened.

His bodyguards just watched helplessly as he caused the drama.

He left four hours later after Esther Passaris refused to open the gate.

Babu Owino and Esther M Passaris pics
Babu Owino and Esther M Passaris pics


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