Photo of Young Uhuru Kenyatta in 1973

President Uhuru Kenyatta has been forced to cancel payment of dowry which was set to take place this December until February next year.

This is after it emerged that his mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, would not
be available during the time which the President had set to pay dowry.

Uhuru had planned to pay dowry for his great Grandmother.

Uhuru’s family believes paying bride price is mandatory regardless of the time it takes to settle the debt.

Speaking yesterday, Uhuru’s cousin, Captain (Rtd)  said that they felt bad that the dowry had been delayed for many years but they were definitely going to honour it.

The genesis of the grand occasion was that Agikuyu warriors raided a Maasai village known as Naroosura many years ago, stole a herd of cattle and a girl who was later married to Magana and baptised Wanjiru.

 She gave birth to Kung’u Magana who was the father of former President and Kung’u Muigai

Because President Uhuru was named after his great-grandfather, Muigai, the onus is on him to pay his bride prize,” Uhuru’s cousin


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