Uhuru and CJ Maraga
Uhuru and CJ Maraga

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday launched a thinly veiled attack at the Judiciary while speaking at the National Taxpayers Day luncheon.

The President seemed to respond to Chief Justice David Maraga who accused the government of treating him with contempt and deliberately trying to cripple the judiciary after Treasury slashed their proposed Sh31.5 billion budget to Sh11.5 billion.

The CJ warned that courts around the country could be forced to halt proceedings due to lack of funding.

“Judges will not have money to fuel their vehicles, we will not have mobile courts, we will not have the Court of Appeal circuits, we will not be able to pay for Wi-Fi for e-filing and e-payments and plans to automate the anti-corruption courts have fallen by the wayside,” an agitated CJ Maraga stated.

However, in his speech, Uhuru made a sarcastic remark while urging the Judiciary to expedite cases involving tax evaders.

“I’ve been made aware that over 1,000 legal cases with disputed tax of over Sh300 billion are awaiting hearing and determination at the Tax Tribunal and other superior courts, the majority of these cases have been pending for more than two years representing a significant bottle neck in the tax administration process.

“I call on the Judiciary…if they so desire…to strive to determine those disputes expeditiously without fear or favour,” the President stated drawing laughter from the audience.


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