JARED OTIENO, the filthy rich Luo who used choppers to pay dowry goes Bankrupt

JARED OTIENO is a name most Kenyans are conversant with.

Jared came to the limelight two and half months ago when he brought Meru to a standstill when he went to pay his bride price with a convoy of over 20 top of the range vehicles and four choppers.

Jared has now been declared BANKRUPTCY.

The Commercial Bank of Africa issued the bankruptcy notice against GERALD RAPHAEL OTIENO KOPIYO by publishing it on the Daily Nation newspaper.

The notice has caused jitters among members of the community as well as his friends with most of them questioning his ability to sustain the beauty queen he married from the Mt. Kenya region and who comes from an extremely rich family.

Question now is: Is Jared Otieno, the young, flamboyant man from Lake Side, wallowing in poverty?

I know you are still asking how….

Fact is, the bankruptcy notice was issued against Jared’s namesake and former Kasipul Kabondo Member of Parliament who is now living in ‘abject’ poverty.

Jared is still a rich fellow….

Bankruptcy notice
Bankruptcy notice


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