Uhuru Ruto 2017 re-election bid

There is a highly sophisticated team behind Uhuru’s re-election bidn.

Uhuru Kenyatta’s nephew and private secretary, Jomo Gecaga has been appointed alongside the former State House adviser, Nancy Gitau. They have been charged with running Uhuru Kenyatta’s 2017 campaigns. The team is under the supervision of Uhuru Kenyatta’s younger brother, Muhoho Kenyatta. He will be answering to both William Ruto and Uhuru. Ruto’s interests in the campaign will be protected by the former Energy Cabinet Secretary David Chirchir. He will be working closely with Ruto’s long-serving aide, Farouk Kibet.

This is in addition to an elite team of business magnates who are mobilising resources. They will be reporting to Muhoho on new developments and overall progress. The list of the business people, the Star reports, includes, a flamboyant media owner, an industrialist and a controversial top banker. Gitau who previously resigned from State House over allegations that she fixed Ruto at the International Criminal Court (ICC) runs the day-to-day campaigns for Uhuru. Gecaga was brought on board to neutralise the Gitau-Ruto effect . The two are said to be in a tense relationship after Gitau was linked to having fixed Ruto at the hague.

Gitau is said to be working in secrecy with a tech-savvy team of Britons, Americans and a collective of Kenyans who have lived overseas. The team forms the most spectacular aspect of the campaign operation. They operate secretly within the campaign machine. Despite the stain, Gitau boasts of an impressive portfolio. She has immense experience in governance and management of election planning and projects. A majority of Uhuru’s 2013 team has been retained with an addition from Ruto’s office. The team will be moving into the TNA offices near State House before November 2016.

Jomo Gecaga and Ann Kiguta
Jomo Gecaga and Ann Kiguta

Team Uhuru will be managing propaganda and political events, registering voters, researching and creating content. The JP’s steering Committe’s co-chairman , Noah Wekesa recently said that an official team hadn’t been agreed on. The people who were campaigning for Uhuru at the moment were doing so for free. The two teams that make-up the campaign machine work independently of each other and operate advanced equipment ; servers and boosters at undisclosed locations. Certain sensitive information can only be accessed by the secret team.

Team members don’t identify themselves and only pose as friends of State House officials. The team also reportedly lives in Nairobi’ posh estates; Kileleshwa, Lavington, Runda and others.

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