Raila Odinga
Raila Odinga

EACC and Kenya Revenue Authority officials raided a go-down in Embakasi, Nairobi after noticing a syndicate of illegal ethanol business. The officers revealed that they had been conducting an undercover operation in which they trailed trucks as they left Spectre International Ltd in Kisumu, a firm belonging to Raila’s family.

The vehicles were discovered to be ferrying drums of ethanol which had been declared as product for export to Mwanza, Tanzania.

Detectives following the trucks noted that the vehicles were being escorted by a saloon car occupied by police officers.

“We had intelligence that ethanol intended for export was being diverted into the local market to make illicit liquor. This means the culprits never paid taxes. This is because ethanol for export is exempted from taxes,” said EACC deputy CEO Michael Mubea.

Mubea divulged that besides the consignment worth Sh7 million, the Embakasi warehouse had well-packaged 250ml of branded spirits including Best Gin, Blue Ice and Flying Horse.

15 suspects were apprehended at the warehouse while the impounded goods are being held for investigation.

Raila’s family is yet to respond to these allegations.


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