Ann mumbi waiguru casting her vote in Kirinyaga, where she has won comfortably
Ann mumbi waiguru casting her vote in Kirinyaga

Ann mumbi waiguru is set to be among the first Women Governors in Kenya. Since votes counting started, the former cabinet secretary took an early lead.

Here are the latest Results Governors race

Ann Mumbi Waiguru – 47,756
Gachoki gitari – 19,490
Joseph k ndathi – 8,421
Results 70% of poling stations

She has won almost 70% of total casted votes. Ann Waiguru was a former cabinet secretary of devolution and controversy rocked her last terms as cabinet secretary with claims of corruption.

She was later cleared by EACC and as it stands now she will be the next kirinyaga governor. The soft spoken Anne Waiguru is a darling to many Kenyans And her development record speak for itself as she spearheaded the chain of huduma centres all over the country and the NYS project which has helped many youth.

The jubilant Ms Waiguru thanked all her supporters for their participation in the nominations, for their patience and for their unwavering support.
Today marks the end of one important journey, as well as the start of another equally important journey towards the Kirinyaga We Want she says.

Keep it here for the latest updated numbers.


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