Larry Madowo quits the trend show
Larry Madowo quits the trend show

Popular news anchor and TV host, Larry Madowo, has disclosed why he will not be hosting the weekly Trend Show.

Larry revealed that he will do his last show on 30th June and then hand over to another person.

The popular news anchor and TV host who is loved and hated in equal measure, said that he decided to leave the show because other TV stations have copied his idea and started similar shows on Friday Night.

He wants to do something else.

“If you look at Friday night TV in Kenya now, everybody is trying to do what I have done. They are copying The Trend. I can’t compete with my students anymore. People are trying to be me and I can’t do this anymore,”
Said Madowo

Larry Madowo’s exit is major blow to NTV because he had a huge audience.
Whoever is replacing him will find it hard to get the audience that followed his show.

Larry revealed that he will come up with another TV show and ironically told his competitors to copy if they want.


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