Anerlisa Muigai Keroche Industries Heiress breaks up with boyfriend
Anerlisa Muigai Keroche Industries Heiress breaks up with boyfriend

Wedding Bells!

Contraly to earlier reports of a breakup the two are now planning for a wedding: have a look at this:
Never be happy coming between a union of 2. There is no real happiness in that. There is so much that goes on into a relationship so if you are that guy who looks at other people’s wives and have wild thoughts, get your own n vice versa.


Meeting In-laws:

Anerlisa Muigai is a beautiful lady and a mentor to many, having been born in a wealthy family did not stop her from working for her own. Apart from working hard career wise she has lately been working extra hard in the gym and getting her body snatched. After years of being ridiculed and being called fat she made the healthy decision to hit the gym and eat right and so far so good.

She has deleted all their photos together on her Instagram account

The Keroche Breweries CEO daughter got engaged to her long time boyfriend about six months ago. The gentleman spent quit a lump sum in his quest to make her his future wife and proposed using a huge diamond ring accompanied by a diamond bracelet.

Things might not be rosy after all in their relationship and she might not be walking down the aisle soon if at all her recent Instagram post is anything to judge by. Anerlisa urged women not to stay in toxic relationships and to always put themselves first. Although she hasn’t confirmed the news yet, she went ahead and deleted all her fiances pictures that she had posted on her Instagram included that of her engagement ring.


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