Kiss FM’s Adelle Onyango Responds to Trolls Over her Crooked Teeth

    ADELLE ONYANGO Radio presenter @kiss100kenya
    ADELLE ONYANGO Radio presenter @kiss100kenya

    Kiss FM’s Adelle Onyango has hit back at internet trolls in epic style.

    The popular radio presenter was for the umpteenth time a victim of cyber bullying after she shared photos from her wedding.

    Adelle had just tied the knot with her longtime lover Falgun Bhojak in a private wedding ceremony last week at Redhill Heights, Limuru when the ugly side of social media reared its ugly head.

    A section of social media users, perhaps buoyed by jealousy, targeted her crooked teeth, causing a social media uproar.

    But on Wednesday, Adelle once again showed she has a thick skin when she took to Instagram to clap back at her haters.

    She shared a photo of her lovely smile and captioned it: “these crooked teeth put together a killer smile.”

    I have rabbit teeth 🐰 😂 But that doesn’t stop me from smiling everyday. I can’t take a photo without smiling…i think I actually look odd when I don’t smile 💃

    :She has good heart intelligent she has a career and now a family soon with God’s blessings to get bigger she is comfortable with how she looks I personally bealive she is beautiful ya all telling her to fix her teeth see your lives learn to appreciate and uplift others

    When Vera Sidika decided to go fake, we hated on her, so now Adelle decides to embrace her natural self but it seems we still have a problem with natural….