Weeks ago former media personality Grace Msalame swore to vote for NASA flag bearer R aila Odinga after his remarks during the Presidential debate that the President snubbed.

The NASA flag bearer looked on matters affecting single mothers and promised that if he gets power his government will ensure that these parents have help and support.

This was power point to Msalame who has raised her twins a a single mother though she has been co-parenting with her baby daddy Paul Ndichu.

Grace Msalame wasn’t sure who she would vote for as president on August 8th but now she is strongly pro Uhuru’s candidacy. On her Facebook page she wrote in a part: “And you will know when it is time to take a Stand! God calls us to either be Hot or Cold! For if we are lukewarm He will spit us out! That’s the bad taste indecisiveness leaves in our mouths, so it is better to be spat out which I’d rather not! So I’m learning to be bold with my convictions & see them through until the end. Because for a long time I have been indecisive, undecided & disappointed! But I took it all to God & as He always does- it started with a personal Heart Check! Coupled with loads of research & I am now keen to see this dispensation finish the Good that it has started & I pray also right their wrongs!”

She also shared the heavenly moment she had with her twins using the SGR train (Madaraka express) that seemed to have change her mind.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day… The work has only begun! Side shows aside- let’s get our hands dirty & do the WORK🙏🏾 With much prayer & petition may God’s Voice Lead Us & His Peace Reign in our Land & in our heats now & forever more🙏🏾 #Convicted #UhuruNiWetu #Aug8th”

Grace Msalame with her kids on SGR
Grace Msalame with her kids on SGR

Grace Msalame supports Uhuru Kenyatta Re-election bid
Grace Msalame supports Uhuru Kenyatta Re-election bid


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