Moyo and Kasukuwere hiding in Kenya
Moyo and Kasukuwere hiding in Kenya

Media reports in Zimbabwe news outlets indicate that two former powerful individuals in the Mugabe government are in Kenya after having fled their country following the crack down on the G40 cabal.

Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere are alleged to have fled into Kenya after evading the Mnangagwa allied security forces and Botswana’s intelligence networks which are determined to have them arrested and charged in Zimbabwe.

Prof Jonathan Moyo is a former colleague of Mutahi Ngunyi at Ford Foundation. He was one of the individuals who was accused of defrauding the organisation together with Mutahi Ngunyi. He is reported to be in the country hiding from the Zimbabwe authorities.

Mutahi Ngunyi is alleged to have contacted authorities in the Jubilee government which is protecting the two. of former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s key allies have fled to Kenya with their families, according to Zimbabwe media.

Kenyan authorities are yet to confirm reports of the foreigners’ alleged presence in the country amid claims in Zimbabwe media that Jonathan Moyo, who was allied to Mugabe’s wife Grace, has waged a Twitter campaign against President Emmerson Mnagangwa’s new government.

Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere fled to Kenya after the Zimbabwe Defence Forces seized the capital, Harare and parts of the country, according to media reports that indicate that the two left the South African nation in the wake of Mugabe’s detention by the military on November 14.

Moyo, a controversial character even within the Zanu PF, from which he was ostracised, belongs in the G40 cabal that the new administration and military has branded as criminals for plundering the economy.


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