Sonko releases private conversations with beautiful Reverend Natasha [Screenshots]

Mike Sonko with Reverend-Natasha
Mike Sonko with Reverend-Natasha

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has now released his private conversations with the sassy woman of God, Reverend Lucy Natasha.

Sonko released the whatsapp conversations late last night on his Facebook page.

The conversations captured the high-flying pastor requesting the Nairobi Governor to approve two billboards for their Crossover night service.

The Reverend also sent Sonko a rather odd photo, showing her on her knees – supposedly in prayer for the Nairobi Governor.

While sharing the controversial post, the City boss promised to attend Natasha’s event which incidentally, will be held at the same hotel where Sonko has been living for the past five months.

“Thank you for remembering me in your prayers Reverend. I’ll attend the CROSSOVER NIGHT prayers at Mawingo Hall, Lillian towers during the New Year’s Eve kesha,” the flamboyant governor stated in his caption.

Some comments:
sonko unaongea na mtumishi late hours..22:30 ..aiiiii ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿
Mhesh unapenda huyu dem sana —- Mike Sonko. Hahaha wewe wacha huyu ni mtumishi wa mungu na reverend. Kwani unataka nipende sistako.

love is a beautiful prayer with God i know we can share our prayer together with care knowing God will answer it there as He is by our sides everywhere guiding His love with compare as we pray to Him so dear our prayers to Him will always be near amen