SWALEH MDOE with a lady

Citizen TV’s Swaleh Mdoe has been one of the most sought after Swahili anchors in the Country.

Mdoe commanded a huge a fan-base with his unique way of anchoring news and his Tafakari za Babu stories.

But his glowing career in the media seems to be going down the drain.

It all started in November last year when he was summoned by his bosses and demoted from a Managing Editor to an anchor over work related ethics.

The situation became worse recently when he revealed that he was selling one of his kidneys to settle financial bills.

By declaring his financial woes publicly, he tainted the image of the giant media station.

Royal Media Services (RMS) Vice-Chair, Purity Gathoni Macharia, approached Mdoe and begged him to discredit the story that had already gone viral in-order to save face but Mdoe refused.

He is in a deep financial mess after failing to settle loans he took from 4 different banks.

His Mercedes Benz has even been seized by one of the banks over a loan.

Seasoned NTV Swahili anchor, Jamila Mohammed, is set to replace Swaleh Mdoe who might be sacked anytime from now.

Jamila Mohammed
Jamila Mohammed

Jamilla announced to her viewers that she is leaving NTV on Wednesday during the 7PM bulletin.


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