Ngina Kenyatta Resturant The Green Experience
Ngina Kenyatta Resturant The Green Experience

President uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter, Ngina, is now the proud owner of a posh restaurant located in the family’s tea estate in Lari, Kiambu County.

Dubbed the Green Experience, the restaurant will not only feature magnificent views atop the tea farm, but will also serve a five course meals.

Each course is served with a very specific wine or non alcoholic cocktail for the teetotallers.

However, the fine establishment is not just about the food as it also includes an educational tour of the tea farm and a sample of all teas that are grown in Kenya.

Ngina opened up her pet project to a small group of family and friends on Saturday afternoon.
Among the attendees was KICC CEO Nana Gecaga who later shared her experience on her Instagram page.

Musician Kavi Pratt was also in attendance. Both Kavi and Nana are Ngina’s first cousins.


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