Gospel singer Dunco steals pastor’s wife and impregnates her


Dunco moved in with his pastor when he was homeless.

The musician allegedly set his eyes on the pastor’s wife and a relationship blossomed Gospel singer Dunco has been under the radar for a while now and has managed to keep his private affairs away from the public eye. But the chap was accused by his critics of sleeping with and impregnating his pastor’s wife.

So gospel singer DUNCO snatched his pastor’s wife and they are now happily married..The pastor had housed Dunco, little did he know that the singer was secretly seducing his wife and eventually snatched her away…..how does a normal man recover from such a heartbreak..

As if not enough, the gospel singer was reported to have eloped with the Maasai beauty only known as Naserian.

We understand Dunco was in a rocky relationship which saw him get kicked out of his home.

His pastor Alex Nduati then decided to host the singer in his house not knowing he would soon steal his wife from right under his nose.

Tabasamu tu!

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Dunco was accused of setting his eyes on the beautiful lady and running away with her despite Naserian already having kids with her hubby Alex. The pair moved to a house in Lang’ata and even resorted to abandoning their place of worshi to avoid clashing with the jilted pastor.

Now, the two are reported to have a baby together which begs the question, what happened to Naserian’s other kids?