How JONATHAN MOI raped and killed Julie Ward
How JONATHAN MOI raped and killed Julie Ward

Former President Daniel Moi’s son, Jonathan Moi on Saturday succumbed to cancer following a long illness.

In 1988, Jonathan, who is a former rally driver, was accused of killing the daughter of British photographer

Julie Ward was killed in 1988 by Moi at Maasai Mara game reserve after she refused to have s3x with him.

In an interview with one of the local dailies, Julie’s father, accused the eldest son of retired President Daniel Moi of orchestrating the murder of the enthusiastic photographer.

Apparently the dictator’s son along with his bodyguards was on his way to inspect another of his farms when he saw Julie Ward & got an itch. He decided to do what he used to do with any woman he fancied: rape. He left her nursing her bruises. But later fearing being reported ordered Julie Ward put to death. There are those who say he personally killed her. The widely accepted version is: the coward ordered the bodyguards to kill Julie Ward then burned her body to cover up. The guards were either amateurish or perverse as they left her half burnt.

Julie Ward's father
Julie Ward’s father

”Our government sensing that Moi didn’t want this to be a murder decided to help him in the cover up. He (Jonathan) raped and killed my daughter. That’s why the government covered up the matter,” he said.

Similar claims resurfaced on Saturday when Mr Moi died in Nakuru, with disgraced Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna sensationally attacking President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga for eulogizing Jonathan despite ‘killing Julie Ward’.

Moi's son Jonathan Moi
Moi's son Jonathan Moi
Moi’s son Jonathan Moi

“IRONCLAD evidence proves that Jonathan Moi MURDERED Julie Ward in 1988 at the Maasai Mara but instead of serving the rest of his life in jail, Uhuru Kenyatta and @RailaOdinga mourn Jonathan as “kind, generous and humble.” Real patriots should sweep despots to the Indian Ocean,” Miguna wrote.


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