Sheila Wetangula on Gossip Mill Nigeria
Sheila Wetangula on Gossip Mill Nigeria

In keeping up with the Wetangula’s, Senator Wetangula’s daughter is the talk of Nigerians after she said how Lagos is stressful. This follows a report by CNN saying Lagos is the third most stressful city in the world.

Weta’s daughter said:
Been to nigeria a few times when I was working for sony and having dated a Nigerian and tried to do business with a few made me question my sanity and my once a month trips to see my therapist became weekly!!I was wondering if there is something wrong with Me!!My therapist advised me to stop going to Lagos which from April i haven’t and I’m so happy and feel sane !!Now I understand I’m perfectly normal!!That country everyone is frustrated !!Everyone likes to shout and I can’t even scream to save my life !!God bless Nigeria 😢

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It’s only in Africa that people don’t rest even after death, they still work as Ancestors or gods, busy eating kola-nuts, demanding for
schnapps and fowls…..
I heard one just demanded for an iPhone10 and Gucci attires…
u go fear naaah
Pleasant day ahead

See this one lips like basket they use to put beans cake inside. With her look, even if she is not frustrated she still needs to see a therapist or sth. Don’t know what u looking for in Nigeria before if not hustling like good people in the computer village, and she is spitting rubbish

Kenya also do shout including all continent if you fail to shout no one wil patronized your business it strategy of advertisements you keep silent so you die silently..


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